Announcing the 1st re-Launch of my Astronomy BLOG

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Announcing the 1st re-Launch of my Astronomy BLOG

Launch of my Astronomy BLOG

I (Roger) first started a Web Log in 2010 when I moved to using the TheBlueGrid web domain for my work it was created as a work experiment with WordPress.  Since that time I have always contemplated creating one for my Astronomy hobby that would be focused on that.   In this way, I would get a chance to practice and get better at using WordPress for providing web solutions.  With this relaunch in November this process has begun. I will post articles of astronomical interest as we go forward,   I will also use this to post anecdotal details of other astronomical adventures from the past, so look forward to the addition of historical posts, which will be back dated when they are added.   And I have brought the articles from my former BLOG and added them here for items of note that were added between 2010 and 2017 …. Roger

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